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Jamon A. Halvaksz, II, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Department of Anthropology

Research area: Cultural Anthropology


Phone: (210) 458-5872

Office: MH 4.03.24

Research in Progress

As an environmental anthropologist, I am especially interested in locations of development and change where competing values of nature and resource management practices are at play. My long-term fieldwork among the Biangai of Papua New Guinea, for example, has focused on mining, conservation, and agricultural strategies. This context affords me the opportunity to both engage theoretical debates within anthropology and the social sciences as well as address issues of great importance for the lives of the people with whom I work. More recently, I have begun a multi-year project examining agricultural changes as a gloss for the sorts of transformations that industrial mining has on land and labor relations. But I am also in the early stages of developing research that extends out from my initial studies both regionally to a wider Pacific and topically to other sites of resource management in South Texas.

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Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 2005


My teaching interests focus on various aspects of environmental anthropology including ecological anthropology, political ecology, human-animal relations, science and technology studies, as well as more general course work on the history and practice of ethnographic research. Teaching is also about mentoring students through the complexity of degree requirements and fostering intellectual interests. I am certainly interested in advising students with similar interests at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Prospective graduate students should feel free to contact me with any questions prior to submitting their applications.

Current Ph.D. students:  Alex Antram, Rebecca DelliCarpini, Christina Fraiser, Jason Roberts, Marissa Shaver, Jennifer Torpie-Sweterlitsch

Current MA students: Richard Stout

Representative Publications

2015 - Halvaksz, Jamon. Forests of Gold: From Mining to Logging (and Back Again). Forests of Oceania: Environmental Histories, Present Concerns and Future Possibilities. Canberra: ANU Press.

2013 - Halvaksz, Jamon. "Mining the Forest: Epical and Novelesque Boundaries along the Upper Bulolo" In Uncomfortable Bedfellows?: Exploring the Contradictory Natures of the Ecotourism/Extraction Nexus. N. Davidov and B. Buscher (eds). Routledge. 

2013 - Halvaksz, Jamon. The Taste of Public Places: Terroir in Papua New Guinea’s emerging nation. Anthropological Forum 23(2):142-157

2010 - Halvaksz, Jamon. The Photographic Assemblage: Duration, History and Photography in Papua New Guinea. Anthropology and History 21(4):411-429.

2008 - Halvaksz, Jamon. Whose Closure?: Appearances, Temporality and Mineral Extraction along the Upper Bulolo River, Papua New Guinea. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 14: 21-37

2007 - Halvaksz, Jamon. Cannabis and Fantasies of Development: Revaluing Relations through Land in Rural Papua New Guinea. The Australian Journal of Anthropology 18(1): 56-71.


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