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K. Jill Fleuriet, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Associate Dean of the Honors College

Department of Anthropology

Research area: Cultural Anthropology


Phone: (210) 458-5721

Office: MH 4.03.22

Research in Progress

I am a cultural, medical anthropologist with expertise in the qualitative analysis of health and health care inequalities in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands. Broadly, I consider health, health care and illness from political economic and feminist perspectives. I am particularly interested in the production of health and health care inequalities within the context of transnationalism, biomedical hegemony, and identity. Originally from Harlingen, Texas, I have two primary research areas of interest: 1) reproductive health and health care among immigrant women from Mexico and Hispanic women living in the borderlands of South Texas; and 2) applied projects on Hispanic health disparities in San Antonio and the Texas-Mexico border. My applied work in reproductive health and health care is interdisciplinary with sociology, and I collaborate with community organizations on programming to improve the health and well-being of vulnerable populations. Rebecca Galema (U Denver), Nikky Greer (Temple U), and Sallie Han (SUNY - Oneonta), and I are conducting web-based research on carework/giving experiences among academic anthropologists as part of our larger Carework in the Academy initiative in the American Anthropological Association. Finally, my current, long term ethnographic project in the borderlands of South Texas considers how ideas of place shape leaders' initiatives to promote community health and well-being. 

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Honors and awards: Member of the UTSA Academy of Distinguished Teaching Scholars, UT System Regents Outstanding Teaching Award (2016), UTSA President's Distinguished Achievement for Community Engagement (2016), UTSA President's Distinguished Achievement for Excellence in Teaching (2015).


Ph.D., Stanford University, 2003


At the undergraduate level, I teach across levels, including Introduction to Anthropology, Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, The Field Experience, Medical Anthropology, Applied Anthropology, and Death & Dying. In the Summer of 2017, Dr. Michael Muehlenbein and I will offer a multi-sited research and service learning course on health and the environment in San Antonio, the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, and Guadalajara, Mexico. At the graduate level, I teach Medical Anthropology, Theory in Cultural Anthropology, Anthropology of Gender, Anthropology of the Body, and Teaching Anthropology. I advise students conducting research in medical anthropology, immigration, and identity, social justice and community-based movements in South Texas.

Prospective students: I am currently accepting MA and doctoral students. I am especially interested in applicants whose proposed research focuses on one or more of the following areas: U.S-Mexico borderlands, northern Mexico, and the South Texas region; gender, carework/giving, and reproduction; well-being; health inequalities; chronic illness; aging; and applied medical anthropology.

Current Ph.D. students: Amanda Berard, Jess Reid
Current MA students: Victoria Benavidez, Amanda Gagliano, Timothy Gutierrez, May Mzayek, Chantelle Ruidant

Representative Publications

Cantu, Adelita G. and  K. Jill Fleuriet
In review. “Making the Ordinary More Extraordinary:” Exploring Creativity as a Health Promotion Practice Among Older Adults in a Community-Based Professionally-Taught Arts Program.
Fleuriet, K. Jill and Heide Castañeda
In review. A Risky Place? Media and the Health Landscape in the (In)secure U.S.-Mexico Borderlands. 
Corona, Itzel, Romo, Harriet, and K. Jill Fleuriet 
In review. Mothering Experiences of Immigrant Women in Detention Centers in the United States.

Fleuriet, K. Jill and T. S. Sunil
2016. Stress, Pregnancy, and Motherhood: Implications for Birth Weights in the Borderlands of Texas. Medical Anthropology Quarterly 30(3)

Melo, Milena and K. Jill Fleuriet
2016.  “Who Has the Right to Health Care and Why? Immigration, Health Care Policy, and Incorporation.” In Mexican Migration to the United States: Perspectives From Both Sides of the Border, Eds. H. Romo & O. Mongollon-Lopez. Austin: University of Texas Press. Chapter 8.

Fleuriet, K. Jill and T. S. Sunil
2015.  Reproductive Habitus, Psychosocial Health, and Birth Weight Variation in Mexican Immigrant and Mexican American Women in South Texas. Social Science & Medicine 138:102-109.

Fleuriet, K. Jill and T. S. Sunil
2015.  Social Status, Mental and Psychosocial Health, and Birth Weight Differences in Mexican Immigrant and Mexican American Women. Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health 17(6):1781-90.


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