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College of Liberal and Fine Arts

Graduate Students

Grace Bagley

Ph.D. Student, Cultural Anthropology

Advisor: Patrick Gallagher

Research Interests: Anthropology of Tourism; Environmental Anthropology; Ecotourism; Political Economy; Neoliberalism; Capitalism; Colonialism; Belize; Caribbean; Mesoamerica; Anthropocene; Climate Change; Space and Place; Landscape;

Email: grace.bagley@utsa.e​du  


Jeni Brett

Ph.D. Student, Cultural Anthropology

Advisor: Devin Flaherty

Research Interests: gender and sexuality, identity performance, embodiment in liminal spaces, wellness and communities of care for othered identities.

Email: Jeni.Brett@utsa.edu 


Anthony DeLuca

Ph.D. Student, Archaeology

Advisor: Jason Yaeger

Research interests: West Mexico, power, labor organization, architectural energetics, remote sensing, landscape

Email: anthony.deluca@utsa.edu


Jeffrey Daniel DeMario

MA Student, Archaeology

Advisor: Laura Levi

Research Interests: Mesoamerica, Maya Lowlands, Craftspeople, Ceramics, Petrography, LiDAR, GIS, Experimental Archaeology

Email: jeffrey.demario@utsa.edu


Meghan Engele

M.A. Student, Cultural Anthropology

Advisor: Dr. Patrick Gallagher

Research Interests: Climate Change, Uncertainty, Relationships of Knowledge Production, Power, Digital Ethnography

Email: meghan.engele@utsa.edu


Jesus Figueroa Alcantar

M.A. Student, Archaeology

Advisor: Marcus Hamilton

Research Interests: Western Mesoamerica, Indigenous Archaeology, P’urhépecha Empire, Decolonizing Anthropology

Email: oql894@my.utsa.edu


K.T. Hanson 

Ph.D. Student, Biological Anthropology

Advisors: Jamon Halvaksz, Thad Bartlett

Research Interests: Ethnoprimatology, multispecies anthropology, knowledge production, synanthropy, habituation 

Email: katherine.hanson@utsa.edu


Amber Hefner 

M.A.  Student, Archeology 

Advisor: Robert Hard

Research Interests: Southwestern Archaeology, petrography, GIS, hunters- gathers, agriculture, ceramics, and cerros de trincheras.

Email: vym872@my.utsa.edu


Clinton McKenzie

Ph.D. Student, Archaeology

Advisor: Robert Hard

Research Interests: Spanish Colonial archaeology and history; historical demography and population studies; Spanish Colonial & Mexican period pastoralism and agriculture; Spanish Colonial irrigation infrastructure and management; historical archaeology material culture with a particular emphasis on ceramics.

Email: clinton.mckenzie@utsa.edu  


Rebecca Morris

Ph.D. Student, Archaeology

Advisor: Jason Yaeger

Research Interests: Classic Maya, political organization, palace architecture, spatial experience, production of power

Email: rebecca.morris@utsa.edu


Jenna Owens

Ph.D. Student, Biological Anthropology

Advisor: Fernando Campos

Research interests: Primate behavioral ecology, landscape genetics, climate change, and conservation, especially in the platyrrhines. 

Email: jenna.owens@my.utsa.edu


Anna Penna

Ph.D. Candidate, Biological Anthropology

Advisor: Loca Pozzi

Research interests: Her research focuses on primate trait evolution and species diversification, integrating comparative macroevolutionary approaches and collection-based genomics. Her Ph.D. research investigates the convergent evolution of miniaturized primates.

Email: anna.penna@utsa.edu


Desiree “Desy” Quintanilla 

M.A. Student, Archaeology 

Advisor: Robert Hard

Research Interests: Great Basin, environmental archaeology, GIS, forestry, natural resources law

Email: desiree.quintanilla@my.utsa.edu


Jessica Marie Reid

Ph.D. Student, Medical Anthropology

Advisor: Jill Fleuriet

Research interests: care practices, the body and biomedicine, medical rehabilitation, therapeutic spaces

Email: jessica.reid@utsa.edu


Brooke Salzman

MA Student, Archaeology

Advisor: Laura Levi

Research Interests: Andean archaeology, mummies, biological archaeology, archaeology of death

Email: zff699@my.utsa.edu


Anna Serilli

MA Student, Cultural Anthropology

Advisor: Jamon Halvaksz

Research Interests: museums, material culture, feminism

Email: anna.serilli@my.utsa.edu


Allie Sheldon

Ph.D. Student, Biological Anthropology 

Advisor: Dr. Thad Bartlett

Research Interests: primates, juvenile development, play behavior, family dynamics, science communication

Email: alexandra.sheldon@utsa.edu


Madeline Snyder

Ph.D. Student, Archaeology

Advisor: Kathryn Brown

Research Interests: Maya Household archaeology, commoner ritual and ideology, settlement patterns.

Email: Madeline.Snyder@utsa.edu


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