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Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology

Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology

2015 UTSA Anthropological Society

The undergraduate anthropology program at UTSA reflects the diversity of the field: cultural anthropology, archaeology, physical anthropology, and linguistic anthropology. Anthropology is both an applied and an academic discipline. A B.A. in anthropology provides students with a solid liberal arts background coupled with the foundations for cross-cultural literacy. In a world that is increasingly multicultural and rapidly globalizing, anthropological skills and knowledge are useful for understanding and negotiating a complex, rapidly changing world. Anthropologists find themselves in a wide range of non-academic jobs in such areas as criminal justice, education, business, health care, museums, and economic development, as well as in academic settings.

Students take a suite of four core courses (one in each of the sub-fields of anthropology) as a foundation for subsequent upper division work. We are committed to a four-field approach both philosophically and pragmatically. Philosophically, the different branches of anthropology are committed to understanding and explaining what it is to be human. We as anthropologists can only gain from the knowledge generated by these diverse branches outside of our particular specialization. From a pragmatic perspective, if your goal is to finish your college career with a B.A. major, we want to provide you with as full and as broad an experience as possible. We also offer minors in anthropology and Native American Studies. For students thinking about pursuing a graduate career, a broad four-field background helps avoid having to make-up deficiencies at the graduate level, and to be as competitive as possible in four-field master’s programs, which are in the majority in U.S. universities.

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For more information, contact:
Deborah E. Moon
Undergraduate Advisor

MH 4.03.10
(210) 458-5886


The Anthropological Society strives to advocate, communicate about, and appreciate all areas of anthropology. We are a community of undergraduate anthropology majors, minors, and students interested in the discipline that actively engage with UTSA's student body. Through promoting and advocating all areas of the discipline of anthropology, we believe that we can protect student diversity and create increased awareness of anthropology.  Weekly meetings enable students to get involved in social and academic activities. The group plans events throughout the semester and some of the highlights over past semesters include: museum fieldtrips, Anthropology Exposition to raise awareness of anthropology on campus, potluck gatherings, and most recently, a fieldtrip to Carlsbad Caverns. The Anthropological Society is open to all students who are interested in sharing their passion for the field and creating a fun, and supportive anthropology student community.

The department also works with local community organizations to provide internship opportunities for students. If you are interested please contact Deb E Moon @ 210-458-5886.


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